Global Track & Trace West

Preliminary Agenda

  • Regulatory Update/Going to the EU
    • Differences in packaging/labeling/shipper/pallet requirements in the US & EU
    • Experiences working with the EU Hub & countries
  • Current findings in recent serialization go-lives/post go-lives. Possible topics:
    • High scanning error rates in aggregated products
    • What is your 3PL to do if your CMO will not serialize?
    • Data sharing, or not
  • GTT Data pilot overview & update: Value Beyond Serialization
  • Virtual Manufacturer Company Presentations: Serialization Project Status
  • What’s ahead
    • Analytics & other stuff we may know
    • Blockchain update

South San Francisco, CA

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San Diego, CA

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Global Track & Trace East

The Value Behind Serialization 2.0


  • Warehouse Management, Serialization 2.0: Hear from the experts on warehouse and distribution management in a serialized world
  • Healthcare: “Dispenser Provider View of the World”- Learn the value of information for patient safety
  • Global Regulatory Update: Find out from an official GS1 US Solution Partner the latest on global regulations and what this means in terms of compliance for your organization


Ringoes, NJ

  • Date: October 9, 2018
  • Time: 1:00-5:00PM (cocktail hour: 5:00-7:00PM)
  • Location: The Ridge at Back Brook

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